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The graph segments by industry sector the revenue received by Systems and People during the 2015 financial year. Bexton IT Services was acquired on 15 October 2015 and is not included in this result. 

The People business’ revenue in the year ending 30 June 2016 totalled $56.8 million. This revenue was sourced from diverse segments of the economy and was led by the telecommunications and IT, retail, mining and manufacturing sectors.

The People business derives revenue from the following streams:

Contractor Management and Sourcing

  • Sourcing and providing specialist contractors to customers for medium and long term projects. Traditionally these contractors have been SAP professionals. However, the market is increasingly demanding a more generic ICT contractor with a broader array of capabilities.
  • Managing the payroll function of contractors for customers enabling the customers to save administrative costs.


  • Providing a recruitment consulting business.

The People business has the ability to rapidly scale up or down the number of contractors as market needs dictate.

The People team is made up of experienced SAP, human resources and contractor management professionals.

The People business has the opportunity to leverage PS&C’s access to the Panel and Preferred Supplier Agreements of other business units. The People business has significant potential outside of the SAP domain, particularly in General IT since the acquisition of Bexton. The market for contractor management services, whilst competitive, is fragmented and is likely to present potential consolidation and acquisition opportunities in the future.

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